Saturday, December 26, 2009

Global Warming??

Is this evidence of global warming--  snow in Singapore?

Not exactly.

As I described in my blog entry in November, Elaine's step-father Ron collapsed the day before my arrival in Singapore, and a week after Elaine had arrived.  We are currently in Boise (arrived 12-19) on a family-emergency leave and will be here through mid January.  Our friends Keith and Candy have kindly agreed to house us during our stay.  Because of HP's corporate shut-down policy Elaine does not work for the two weeks of the holidays, and will work remotely (from Boise- seems strange to describe it that way) for the following weeks.
Ron's diagnosis is a high-level Glioma brain tumor.  Ron received surgery and has stabilized, and has been moved to a care center in Boise.  It is unlikely he will be able to leave this facility.  Our visit has allowed us to visit Ron and provide some support and comfort for Barbara during this difficult time.  Elaine's brother Robert has come to visit from Bend, Oregon, and her brother John will be visiting in January.
The visit is bitter sweet.  It is wonderful to be in Boise during Christmas, and to visit with friends and family that we have said our farewells to only a few weeks earlier.  This was certainly unexpected.  However, it is sad to see Ron in his diminished state of health and mental awareness, and realize our time with him is short.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share this precious time with Ron.

The weather in Boise has been fabulous for those of us that actually enjoy colder temperatures--  a white snow blanket covered the Boise foothills, highlighted by bright blue skies.  Extreme cold temperatures (below 0F) hit Boise in the week prior to our visit, which wouldn't have been so good.

Christmas in Singapore would have been a new and unique experience, but deficient without any family or friends with whom to share it.

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