Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keeping your cool

Yesterday's temperature:  30C (82F).  Here's the forecast for the week (in F):
  Sunday:    82 / 76
  Monday:  86 / 76
  Tuesday:  87 / 76
  Wednesday:  87 / 76
  Thursday:  86 / 76
  Friday:  85 / 76
This apparently is pretty typical scenario for the year-- not much variation.
However the real story is the humidity.  Since the arrival and unpacking of our house goods, I now can track the humidity level at the apartment with our electronic weather station.  Today's humidity:  72%.  Yesterday it measured 81%.  This has a dramatic effect on the "effective" temperature.  Have I mentioned in any of my blog postings that it's hot here?  By the way, we are in monsoon season-- so its "cool" now, relative to coming months.

This has me particularly worried, as the trips I've made where I am outside for considerable periods of time result in a complete melt-down for me.  I don't do heat well.  I look and feel like a dish rag that has been rung out.  I become a little self conscious about my appearance-- I'm dripping wet, but oddly everyone else around me seems to be perspiring only modestly.

My sister Lois indicates that I will adjust to the humidity over time, and things will feel normal, but it can't happen soon enough.  Expeditions about town are best if kept short, and interspersed with frequent stops in shopping malls and/or MRT stations (if air conditioned).

This afternoon was a beautiful day-- it rained all afternoon, keeping things pretty comfortable.


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