Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Chinese (Jurong) Gardens

With Elaine's work schedule, and our need to find and feather a permanent residence somewhere, we really haven't done much sight seeing.  With Anne and Wendell's arrival, we found a good reason to do some.  We headed up to northern Singapore on the MRT (subway) to visit the Chinese Gardens.  This is a beautiful park, that is directly adjacent to the subway station, and thus very easy to access.  There are various areas to the garden, including a Japanese bonsai garden, tea house, and The Garden of Abundance, an garden theme of the zodiac characters of the chinese calendar.  There is also a seven storey pagoda, which provided needed refuge from the rain when a sudden cloud burst occurred.
Although bonsai is the Japanese word for the miniature gardening technique, the Chinese actually practiced this style earlier.  Their word for it is penzai.
The gardens were beautiful.  The weather was--  steamy.  Perhaps one of the hottest days since my arrival.

7 Storey pagoda.  Nice breezes at the top, and a good shelter from the rain

The boat house-- from the top storey of the pagoda.

The Japanese Gardens-- Penzai or Bonsai Gardens

Year of the Snake

Year of the Monkey

Year of the Goat

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