Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singapore Flyer

One of the key tourist attractions in Singapore is the Singapore Flyer.  This gigantic ferris wheel (described as an "observation wheel")  is currently the largest in the world, with a height of 541 feet (165 m).  Other similar wheels are the Eye on London (443 ft) and the Star of Nanchang (525 ft).  The wheel itself is 492 ft in diameter, with 28 capsules that each can hold 28 passengers.  Thankfully they are air conditioned too.
Last weekend Elaine's former manager was in town, so we struck out to see the town, and took a ride on The Flyer.  The Flyer provides spectacular views of the city and beyond, provided you are not acrophobic and can manage to have your eyes open.  The ride lasts one full rotation, which takes 30 minutes.  Other options for rides include a champagne flight, a dinner flight (2 full rotations), or special group outings.  In my opinion it is worth the visit.  Although we took our flight in the day time, I hope to return for an evening flight to enjoy the lights of the city.

The Flyer

The Flyers

More Flyers-- Elaine w/ Karen

The Flyer is located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore.  This is the Floating Platform, a multi-purpose event center,and (obviously) soccer field.  The twisty looking thing in the foreground is a walkway bridge, under construction.  We wondered how many soccer balls go swimming...

Marina Bay

Aquatic activities going on in Marina Bay.  The small boat at the top is a Dragon Boat, similar to the polynesian outriggers.  There are clubs in Singapore that race these boats.

Malaysia in the distance

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