Thursday, December 10, 2009

P.P.P.P.P.P. {You guess the acronym}

With any move, even with the best of planning and organization, there are bound to be surprises, and some disappointments.  Although we are still some way away from being 100% settled and moved in, we have already had some of these.  Given that we had to plan for:
  1. Items going into storage in Boise and unavailable for two years.
  2. Items graciously taken in by friends and neighbors because they couldn't be stored or shipped, or we may need access to them.
  3. Items going with us immediately in luggage to Singapore.
  4. Items being shipped air freight (about 5 day delivery) to Singapore.
  5. Items shipped by boat to Singapore (Up to 9 or 10 weeks).
There were bound to be some omissions, errors, and just bad decisions.  We also anticipate traveling to some other climates, aside from Singapore's, which may require something different in the way of clothing.  So this had to be taken into account as well.
We've been fortunate so far--  Elaine did a superb job in the planning and organization for household items, with some really excellent foresight on what we would need.  There have been a few strange surprises of things that ended up here, I suspect with some help from our movers.  I expect we will find more.
  • Elaine's back country ski boots.  No skis, poles or other ski gear-- just the boots.  (Can we use them as book-ends?)
  • Carbon water filters for a coffee maker that is in storage.
  • A butter dish for a refrigerator that we no longer own.  (Might be put to use)
  • A 120 volt appliance (HP Printer) that, despite best efforts of elimination, made the journey. (See The Smart Electric Grid).  As a post-mortem to that blog entry, a moment of silence for the power supply of that printer-- yes-- up in smoke.  Should have double-checked.  (Use it now as a desk "in" box?)
  • A press coffee pot, DOA (many pieces of glass and bent metal).
  • The lid to a small glass jar, also DOA.
  • Several articles of clothing that will have no purpose here (I was thinking travel--  remains to be seen if they do anything more than take up precious storage space)
  • We also broke one plate-- one of the good ones brought along, while the ones that are chipped were carefully selected to remain behind in storage.
All things considered, it's all been good.

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