Wednesday, November 18, 2009


As I indicated in an earlier posting, my arrival in Singapore coincided with sad news from Boise.  Elaine's step-dad, Ron, had collapsed the evening of my departure and suffered seizures.  Ron's health and general spirit had been in decline since early summer-- we suspected something was wrong, but a CAT scan showed nothing obvious.  The scan and diagnosis this time was all too obvious-- a Glioma tumor of the brain.  This is the same condition that struck down Senator Ted Kennedy, a fellow New Englander and a person admired by Ron.  Ron underwent surgery last week, and we now wait to see what level of recovery there will be. There is some optimism, but the odds are not in his favor.

As we are 9000 miles away we can offer only sporadic support and comfort, as the time zone differences allow.  Our friends and neighbors, who know Ron and Barbara only by acquaintance through us have visited and provided their support in our absence.  We are blessed to have such friends, and are thankful for your assistance and consideration.

Ron is a gentle, polite man whose personality comes through even in his currently limited capacity, as has been exhibited with recent visitors to his hospital room.  Ron, we wish you well.

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