Sunday, November 15, 2009

BSU 63 Idaho 25

Today Elaine and I arose at 4:30 AM to watch a football game-- not something I thought I would ever do.  However, this is THE big game-- the rival game-- and we have been BSU season ticket holders for several years now.

The amazing thing about this is that ESPN is available here on cable, but not this game-- on ESPN-2.  Thank you Internet.   After subscribing to Bronco Web ( we were able to watch the streaming broadcast of the game on the laptop computer, our major link to everything right now.  We are thousands of miles away, yet we are back in Boise.

Our neighbor Patti had passed along some e-mails with some the smack that some Idaho fans were talking about "taking down" BSU from their quest of a BCS bowl game.  Not this year--  BSU gave Idaho a spanking from minute #1 of the game onward.   Joe Vandal, isn't that 11 straight years?

Update  (11/17/2009)

If we were in Boise for this game, we would be tailgating with friends and neighbors at the game.  Our neighbor Patti kindly sent along this picture, published in The Idaho Statesman.
We're a tolerant bunch-- we allow both Vandal and Bronco friends and family at the tailgater.  Wish we had been able to be there.

Candy--  The Davis Aggies had a better showing than the Vandals!

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