Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mount Faber Park and our possible new abode

After touring several apartments for rent, both on our initial visit in October, and this past week, Elaine and I are closing in on a final decision for the apartment we hope to rent.  Our home for the duration of our time in Singapore.

There are a few things to consider--
  • Is it large enough?  (We would like to get a 2 bedroom)
  • Is it in a "cool" area of the city--  one that gives us the flavor of Singapore big-city life style?
  • Does the kitchen meet specs?  (Some apartments have small kitchens, some w/ no oven)
  • How far is it from the MRT (subway)?
  • How far is it from Elaine's office?
  • Are there wet markets or other convenient shopping nearby?
And....  is it within our allotted housing budget?
Since we do not have a car, proximity to shops and/or transportation systems is important.

So today, (after watching BSU give Idaho a good spanking in football) we headed out to check out the area around the apartment that has moved to the #1 position in the selection list.  The apartment is in a complex on Mount Faber Road, which is the access point to a small park in the south end of Singapore.  It is directly next to a large shopping complex (Vivo City), and the access point to Sentosa Island.  (More about Sentosa later). There is an MRT (subway) station 15 minutes away (500 meters), and Elaine's office is 2.7 Km away.

The Apartment...
Here is a view of the candidate apartment, from the street.  Ours would be the second one down from the top.  And it has a large balcony, a big plus for apartments.

Other amenities:
-  Swimming pool
-  Exercise room  (yeh, right!)
-  Meeting room
-  BBQ area

Mount Faber Park
As noted, this apartment is adjacent to a small park.  The park is a hill that rises from the harbor area.  On top of the hill is the terminus of a gondola car that connects to Sentosa Island, via a large building (don't know the name).  The park and hill provide a great vantage point of viewing Sentosa, part of the harbor area, and some of the surrounding buildings of Singapore.  Here are a few pictures...

Elaine at the steps (at the bottom of the hill).  There were plenty more steps to reach the top.  Walking in 85 F / 90% humidity takes some adjustment when you are not used to it.

A view from the top--  this is the building, mid-point in the gondola that goes to Sentosa Island.

It's a jungle out there...

House plants not in the house
It appears to be diffenbachia, growing along the pathway leading to the top of the hill in Mount Faber Park.

Sentosa Island
(Where the construction cranes are. Resort under construction on the island.)

The buildings in the foreground are adjacent to Vivo City shopping mall and the MRT station.  You will also note a cruise ship-- the cruise ships dock here too.  There is quite a bit going on, all only 15 minutes walk from the Faber Park apartment.

Vivo City Shopping Mall  A view from outside the mall, along the deck.  Sentosa Island is in the distance (with tower).  Vivo City is apparently the largest shopping mall in Singapore.  And there are plenty of malls.

Inside the Mall  Vivo City--  It's Christmas time here, or nearly so, and Christmas decorations are popular.  I'll post some pictures later of the elaborate decorations that have  been erected along Orchard Road, a very popular and POSH shopping district--   similar to Times Square in NY or Ginza in Tokyo. 

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