Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby Boomer Farmers - Elaine’s first blog post

I heard a piece on the news the other day that makes me realize that there are lots of other 50 something people wanting to have post retirement jobs working on the land.  There is apparently a movement in South Korea where workers who have retired, either voluntarily or involuntarily, are looking for new careers growing food.  If you Google the topic “second careers in farming”  you will find there are web pages devoted to the topic, newsletters to subscribe to, scholarly studies on the trend, etc.
As I have moved into my 50’s it has become increasingly obvious that the years of working at a desk and sitting in front of a computer are taking their toll on my health and well being.  I’ve been dreaming of a job where I get to stay physically active by joining this new back to the land movement.  So it’s nice to know I’m not alone.  I’m here in Singapore for two years but even here I am seeing that there are people on this side of the world that can relate to my future goals.  

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  1. Hello transplants!!!! (Get it? Transplants? You know, with your farming theme???)

    Thanks so much for the email and link to your blog!

    I look forward to all the updates and adventures you both will have...

    ps... It's 27 here near Haines, Oregon...
    Just in case you need a reason to love that heat some more!