Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cirque Eloize

The Marina Bay Sands Resort complex, opened last year has two theaters, and has been bringing in some interesting shows.  We went to see Lion King, which was very good.  I never saw the Disney movie, but the play had some outstanding costumes and a remarkable set.
Last week we attended the Cirque Eloize, which was beyond amazing.  This is a show in the manner of Cirque de Soleil, with nonstop action.  It was a mixture of Broadway dance, street break dancing, X-Games, and gymnastics.  The troupe is a group out of Canada, that tours world wide.  (This was a formal  show, similar to the group we came across performing in a shopping mall for a Christmas promotion).

I was trying to imagine a bulletin for recruiting performers for this group.  I think it might go something like this:
 Broadly talented entertainers with superb athletic and artistic abilities to perform in a ballet-circus type performing group.  Applicants must meet the following requirements:
-  Strong abilities in modern dance
-  Skillful jugglers
-  Highly skilled in gymnastics, including tumbling, high wire, and ring.  Must demonstrate strength and skills in partner gymnastics.
-  Demonstrated skills in trampoline gymnastics
-  Demonstrated skills with bicycle gymnastics
-  Must be extremely flexible, multi-jointed.  Contortionist abilities a plus.
-  Great endurance-- must be able to perform the above skills and acts for the duration of a 2 or 3 hour show.
-  Strong teamwork--  must demonstrate an ability to work with others and trust their own skills in dangerous team performance acts, that potentially could result in your own injury and/or paralysis.
-  Olympic medal winner a plus

If you have the opportunity to catch one of these shows, don't miss it!

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