Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello Dali

One of the recent additions to Singapore has been the Art and Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands complex.  It is a strange looking building, which resembles a lotus flower, with some of its petals fallen off.  It sits on Marina Bay, the central showcase area of downtown Singapore, along with Marina Bay Sands, a large resort and casino complex, with what looks like a ship perched 55 floors up.
Art Science Museum on the Marina Bay, Singapore
We have now been to three exhibits at the museum (see Art Science Museum), which has become a  part of our standard tour for in-town visitors (as well as the Sky Deck at MBS).  While Elaine's mom, Barbara was visiting this past May, we attended an exhibit of Salvador Dali art showing at the museum.  The exhibit featured mostly sculptures, some of which we had seen previously at an exhibit in London several years ago.
Dali's art has always impressed me--  it is very bizarre indeed, and I admit I fail to appreciate or recognize the symbolism embedded in it.  But I find it interesting to look at.  I particularly like his "clocks" themed work, and Dali Vision, a creative mosaic approach of pictures that are pixelated with miniature pictures within pictures.  Most famous is his "Abraham Lincoln" portrait, a print of which hung in our house for several years.  Unfortunately this exhibit did not include any Dali Vision pieces.

Dali had a thing with drawers, which is a recurring theme in several of his works.

This sculpture was outdoors at the museum entrance
Clocks are another recurring theme, and several pieces in the exhibit had clocks.
More works of art (but not by Dali)--   Barbara and Elaine on top of the MBS Sky Deck, overlooking Marina Bay, Singapore 

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