Sunday, June 12, 2011

Power Chairs

One of the more interesting companies that has sales outlets all about Singapore is Oto.  They are a local company specializing in "health and body care" products.  Aside from some products I consider a little dubious (embedded magnet health bracelets and sandals, etc.) there is a line of... power relaxation chairs.  This is no ordinary chair.  Should you be so fortunate as to have one in your house, you will need to protect your turf from the other household members who will covet your evening retreat.  In addition to the comfy back, side, and seat, it has leg rests that envelop your calves, all of which will massage away those stresses from the day.  This thing will be the center piece of your family room or den, and be front and center for notice by visitors.
But alas, comfort does not come cheaply.  A power relaxation chair such as the Cyber Pro 2900 (the high end model) retails for S$2680.
This puts  Archie Bunker's All In The Family chair to shame.

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