Monday, June 21, 2010

Raising Cane with a Tag

[Monday June 21]--  Deja vu--  another Peter Fay here in Singapore!  (The 18 year old American convicted and punished by caning in 1994 for stealing road signs and spray painting graffiti on cars).  "Tagging", among other offenses here in Singapore, is punishable by caning.  This fellow doesn't dress like a gang-sta, but perhaps these are the colors and uniform of his homeys in Switzerland, where he is from.  His name is Oliver Fricker, and he's a computer software consultant expat here in Singapore.  Graffiti--  what an interesting career move!  (Software guy-- need I say more?)  Right now I'm imagining just what his company and immediate manager is going through right now, and glad I'm not either one of them.

Nice to see it's someone from some place other than the U.S. creating an embarrassing international incident for doing something totally stupid.

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