Monday, June 28, 2010

He'll Take the Beating

Well, in quick justice here in Singapore, 32 year old Swiss national Oliver Fricker has had his day in court, and  pled guilty. He and an accomplice broke into a subway (MRT) train yard and spray painted grafitti on two train cars.  He will be fined and will receive four lashes of the cane--  the punishment meated out here for such an offense.  The whole event from crime to time spanned only a little over a month-- the grafitti painted on the train first hit the news May 18.  It has not been announced when Oliver will receive his beating.  His accomplice in crime, a British national, has apparently skipped the country.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to paint "McKoy Banos" on subway trains--  an obscure message, or at least obscure to me.  This was apparently a prior planned crime, and not an alcohol induced event.  Go figure.

If you can't take the cane, don't paint the train.

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