Monday, February 22, 2010

Ron L 1933 - 2010

My  stepdad  Ron passed away in the early afternoon of Saturday Feb 20 in Boise, Idaho.  The final decline was sudden and swift.  Last Saturday he enjoyed a special Valentine's day lunch with my Mom, Nathan, and Nathan's girlfriend Kristen.  He was also visited and blessed by the resident priest .  The following day he was visited by some close friends of ours and he told them about this wonderful lunch, and his recent religious experience!  I had a Skype call with him from his room on (his) Tuesday evening.  His eyes were wide open and I could tell he knew I was there.  But by Wednesday everything had changed.  It is a blessing that this last phase of the illness was so short because he was no longer capable of communicating.  On his last day he was cared for by the nursing home staff that knew him best.   His grandson Nathan was with him at the end.  My Mom had stepped away at the suggestion of the nurses, as they felt like he was holding on just for her.

- Elaine

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