Friday, February 26, 2010

Monkey See (or See Monkey)

[Monday Feb 22]--  Elaine went for a walk this evening-- up to the Henderson Waves Bridge, which is in a nearby park.  When she returned, she claimed that she had seen a monkey on the bridge.  I didn't think Singapore would have monkeys, as it is a very large urban city--  had the heat affected her vision?  Unfortunately she did not carry her phone nor a camera with her for some visual proof.
With some research help from Google, we quickly learned that indeed there are wild monkeys that inhabit the island of Singapore.  They are called Long Tailed Macaques, and are native to Singapore.  They are frequently in troops of 25 to 30 monkeys.  They look like this:

Long-tailed Macaque

They are apparently common in the park areas.  They can become overpopulated and a nuisance in areas  when people feed them.  The park officials ask that they are not fed, in the best interests of the monkeys.

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