Thursday, May 20, 2010

Apartment warming

We had the gathering for our official warming of the apartment/condo this past weekend (Sunday May 16).  There was quite a bit of cooking that went into it, which all went well.  Total attendance:  14 people.  These were the collection of friends we have made since we have arrived, and including a couple of people Elaine either works with or knows from HP.  It turns out this is a lot of people to have in the apartment, particularly if everyone is indoors (air-con!) and not on the deck.  But it was great to have everyone over, share some nice food, and beverages, and as one set of friends describes it, a "chemistry experiment" introducing these various friends to one another.

As well as some nice wine and champagne (thank you!) we also received some beautiful orchid plants, which hopefully we will take proper care (Thanks Karen, Lupka, and Stephan).

It was a great gathering, and we hope to do it again sometime.

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