Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Singing the software upgrade blues...

I'm a techno nerd, which means I am fascinated by the latest and greatest gadgets and technology.  We're the type of people that don't need the latest version of XYZ software or gadget, but derive some sort of thrill by acquiring it.  It's a sickness, but not necessarily one that I feel ashamed about.  I know of many other people that are afflicted much worse than I, as I actually am a late adopter, relative to others with the malady. Microsoft, Apple, and many others have developed very successful business models dependent upon people like me.  We do our part to bolster a weak and ailing world economy with our addiction to their technology. Elaine indicates that this is a male phenomenon, which it may well be.
I provide that background so you have some understanding of a recent action I took--  I upgraded our computers to Microsoft's most recent operating system, Windows-7.  Or I should say, I am upgrading, as I now believe that task is never really quite done--  what got missed?  Not only that, but I chose the path of  an incremental upgrade for one of the systems, rather than what's known as a clean install-- re-installation all of the application software on top of the new operating system software.  This path is more cavalier than base jumpers, who hurl themselves off cliffs.
This process is days of effort.  It can probably be significantly reduced in time if you know exactly what you are doing, but there is the rub-- there is a learning curve to descend if you don't do this frequently, as you discover the trip wires of the Windows back-up, restore, and upgrade processes.  And why would anyone want to do this frequently?
I'm there now, feeling a bit like I did after the my first nine pitch rock climb on a 5-9 route--  relieved to be in a stable spot at the top, and not wanting to go back down.

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